martes, 2 de junio de 2009

1º Expedición Trapera- 1st Country Quilts Expedition

This was the first visit of the day in Catillos, Rocha, we were all very shy at the begining. How do city ladies that quilt for fun talk to country ladies that quilt for necessity? It did not take more than a few minutes to feel confortable and share stories about grandmothers and grand daughters. This lady pulled three quilts made by her mother and, after saying she had never made a quilt herself, was confortable enough to bring the one on this picture made by her own hands. This family had a vegetable garden and a greenhouse to sell to the tourists that are very abundant during the summer. (best beaches in Uruguay) We ended up buying tomatoes, winter squash and corn. Plus we got some fresh thyme and marjoram for the salad.

Esta fue la primera visita del día, conversamos con timidez al principio. Para nosotras esto es un divertimento, para ella es un fruto de la necesidad. No nos llevó mucho rato sentirnos cómodas y compartir historias de abuelas y nietas. Después de mostrarnos tres colchas hechas por su madre esta señora se sintió suficientemente a gusto como para sacar esta colcha hecha por sus propias manos.
Al final, haciendo bastante escándalo, compramos tomates y zapallos de la quinta y nos llevmaos orégano y tomillo fresco para la ensalada.

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M. Regina dijo...

Olá Cecília....
Que fantástica essa expedição. O simples também é belo e valioso!

Stephanie dijo...

Quilting is a universal language; whether it be for beauty or necessity. How fantastic to share quilts. I'm new to your blog and have been enjoying reading your posts.