lunes, 12 de enero de 2009

Treasures - tesoros

We just came back form Barra de Valizas, Rocha. We rented a house form a local resident and to my suprise I found this quilt on one of the beds. Quilting in Uruguay is not a past time or an art, is something mothers and grandmothers made do to warm up our winters. This one is made of pieces of corduroy (probably old pants) and a wool fabric (probably rests of a moth eaten poncho). On the background you can see the dunes that form part of a national park. You can walk 4 o 5 miles past the dines to arrive to Cabo Polonio where there is a reserve of sea lions and seals. Recien llegamos de unas vacaciones en Barra de Valizas en Rocha. Alquilamos la casa de una locataria y para mi sorpresa encontr'e este acolchado sobre una de las camas. Esta armado con restos de panatlones de pana y parte de lo que imagino fue un poncho de lana. El relleno es una lamina finita de "polyfon". La verdad es que es liviano y abrigadito. La parte de atras es una s'abana vieja.

Para quienes no conocen al fondo se ven las dunas de Valizas, caminando unos 8 kilometros por ellas se llega al Cabo Polonio donde esta una reserva de lobos marinos y focas. Es un lugar bastante rustico pero que nos gusta mucho por su personalidad.

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Gina dijo...

What a beautiful story!!That's a real treasure to find this quilt on these circumstances (rented accommodation). I agree with you that quilt making is not a hobby or an art and it is more like a necessity in countries such as Uruguay and Brazil (where I was born). I also remember seeing these sort of quilts (colcha de retalhos) made up of old clothes and serving its purpose of warming up the family during the cold nights.
Thank you for sharing such a wonderful experience!!

m.regina dijo...

Oi Cecília
Verdadeiro tesouro este quilt. Imagino a tua satisfação em encontrar uma peça desta espécie.

Gina dijo...

Hi Cecilia,
Your picture just touched me so much! I now have a different view of this fantastic and so primitive art!!
Best wishes


scrappy quilter said...

Oh my, what a stunning quilt. I enjoyed reading why and who makes these quilts.

13 January, 2009 17:59
Cá said...

que lugar mais mistico eu diria....lindas imagens e vc ainda cha um quilt?????? que demais!!
13 January, 2009 18:29
karenfae said...

I will check out the site.
13 January, 2009 20:06
Brenda said...

Very interesting to learn about other cultures and their quilting, thank you for sharing. Also, thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I have added this site to my favorites. Have a great day!
13 January, 2009 21:25
Daisy said...

To us it's more like a craft, but to them it was needful back then! It goes to show you can make a quilt out of almost any scrap material. I love quilts!
13 January, 2009 23:09
Lúcia Russo said...

Lugar lindo e místico, como já comentaram. Realmente viajar, conhecer outros lugares, outros povos e outras culturas nos engrandece e nos torna mais humanos.
14 January, 2009 14:52
Gill - That British Woman said...

what a stunning photo that makes.....just beautiful

Gill in Canada
16 January, 2009 20:40